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Laurastar Magic iS6 Ironing System

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Product Description

Iron any material, any garment and bring the world of professional ironing to your home with the Swiss-engineered Laurastar Magic iS6 Ironing System. With its intelligent lightweight iron and silent blower/vacuum system that prevents creases, this ETL-approved ironing system is easy to use, saves time, and provides professional results every time you use it.
What's in the Box

Board, iron, two covers, integrated Aqua S-Line filter, three Aqua refills, Softpressing Soleplate, insulating mat, abrasive mat, drain tray, cable holder, instruction manual, cleaning tool, warranty booklet, and water hardness test strip.

From the Manufacturer

The Laurastar Magic iS6 is the first lightweight automatic steam technology ironing system with and integrated board. professional iron that is less tiring to use. Laurastar active table-patented-The Laurastar active board incorporates a 2-speed, silent blower/vacuum system to prevent crease and steam making more effectively. Laurastar professional steam-patented-The steam is diffused at a constant pressure which produces 211 quart of steam per minute-50 PSI as recommended by ironing professionals. Heated once in the boiler, the steam is cooled and reheated inside the iron: this is the unique LAURASTAR double volume steam. Laurastar professional sole plate-patented-The Laurastar professional soleplate is designed for the following three steps in ironing: (a) heating, (b) smoothing and (c) cooling the fabric. The fibers are thus fixed in a single movement for lasting result. Also includes CLICK TECHNOLOGY-a slight movement of the wrist produces steam automatically as the iron is pushed forward and stops it immediately when the iron is halted or moved backward: Such a lightweight iron that ironing becomes a real delight and no more need to push a button, it manages the steam by itself. Accessories include (2) Origami cover quality covers, Aqua S-Line integrated filter + (3) Aqua Refill refills, Soft pressing soleplate, Coolmat insulation mat. Polyfer abrasive mat, Rinse-Me drain tray and Holder and S-Line cable holder. Removable 1.3 quart water tank, 1700 Watts and unlimited ironing time. Less fatigue-Lifting an iron now requires less effort, thus elimination of tiredness and offering you optimum comfort while you're ironing. Comfort of use-The iron slides along the garment by itself. Professional results-The quality of the ironing remains unequaled. Time saving-The combination of automatic steam and the active board reduces ironing times by half. Comfortable use-The right amount of steam comes out automatically and precisely.

Product Description

The Laurastar Magic iS6 Ironing System is the first lightweight professional iron that is more comfortable and less tiring to use. The intelligent, intuitive function of the automatic steam allows for effortless ironing twice as fast. The double volume of extra fine steam provides a lasting result, leaving no damp traces. The automatic, silent blower and vacuum from the 2-speed board provides cold, crease-free ironing. A constant pressure of 3.5 bars produces 200 liters of steam volume per minute--the result is professional ironing quality. Includes an iron safety storage box to keep the still-warm iron well protected. The board is foldable with six height-adjustment settings for all ironing requirements. The iron has a scale filter--ordinary water can be used and the iron's service life is extended. The iron heats quickly and is ready for use in three minutes. The steam reservoir is removable and holds 1.2 liters of water for uninterrupted ironing. Easy-to-move system thanks to its two pairs of integrated wheels and its reduced size of 20 cm when stored.


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